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Climate change

" Towards a better knowledge of the climate "

Climate change impacts our daily lives through random weather events and the large amplitudes it causes: temperature variation, heat peak, drought, flooding, erosion.

The environment, agriculture and cities are affected by these phenomena.

How to adapt to climate change?
How to mitigate its effects on our daily life as farmers, city managers?

What are the sustainable solutions?

helps you to better understand climatic hazards, to show their evolution and to measure them by satellite images, radar or with networks of connected environmental sensors.


Expertise and Skills

  • Agro-Climatology: inventory of impacts, climate change (temperature, rains, hail, frost), future scenarios.

  • Assistance and support: search for technical solutions and implementation

  • Advice: irrigation, development of plots, water storage, fight against hazards (frost, hail, wind).

  • GIS techniques: impact and risk analysis via remote sensing and mapping

  • Modeling: water requirement, biomass estimation and agricultural yields

  • Support for communities and design offices

  • Knowledge dissemination and adaptation support

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