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Preciel Project (2014 - 2020)


Summary of the project

" Efficiency of cropping systems: production / irrigation "


PRECIEL (2015-2020) studies the efficiency of crops in order to create a service to help manage irrigation and estimate crop yields on a large scale.

The work is based on a research work (financing of a thesis) validated by
2 publications of international rank as well as several conferences.

The innovation comes from the use of a new type of satellite images: the
Sentinel-1 Radar images which make possible the follow-up of agricultural surfaces without meteorological constraint (cloudiness, etc...).

A demonstration tool has been set up in 2019 confirming the good performance of the estimates.

Conference et presentations

  • Conference Phloème a the Cité des sciences et de l'Industrie (Paris) « Les biennales de l’innovation céréalière » (2020) (presentation link)

  • Conference RAQRS Valencia - Spain (2017) (poster link)

  • Conference iemss Toulouse (2016) (presentation link)

Scientific publications

  • Estimation of corn yield by assimilating SAR and optical time series into a simplified agro-meteorological model: from diagnostic to forecast (2018) (publication link)

  • Temporal evolution of corn mass production based on agro-meteorological modelling controlled by satellite optical and SAR images (2019) (publication link)

  • Use of Sentinel-1 Multi-Configuration and Multi-Temporal Series for Monitoring Parameters of Winter Wheat (publication link)

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