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Agronomy and remote sensing

" Arrangements for climate change mitigation and adaptation "

The processing of satellite and radar images makes it possible to study and follow the good growth of crops in order to intervene quickly to adapt technical interventions such as fertilization, irrigation.
Remote sensing makes it possible to
anticipate crop harvest by estimating biomass and yield.

Through its
applied research programs, in partnership with the Center for Space Studies of the Biosphere (CESBIO) and the University of Paul Sabatier, ACMG has developed a technical solution coupled with specific measurements of soil and meteorology.

Examples of innovations:
    Real-time monitoring
of soil moisture and quality
    Maize monitoring by remote sensing (yield and irrigation)

PRECIEL: An innovative tool

" The efficiency of cropping systems: production / irrigation "

PRECIEL (2015-2020) studies the efficiency of crops with a view to creating a service to assist in the management of irrigation and estimation of crop yields on a large scale.

The work is based on research work (funding of a thesis) validated by
2 publications of international rank as well as several conferences.
In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

The innovation comes from the use of a new type of satellite images: Sentinel-1 Radar images which make it possible to monitor agricultural surfaces without meteorological constraints (cloudiness, etc.).

A demonstration tool was set up in 2019 confirming the good performance of the estimates.

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