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Projects history

Adaptation to climate change is available at ACMG in several fields of expertise including agronomy, remote sensing, water management, erosion control, water storage in soils and tablecloths. This requires selecting and developing local solutions and innovative sensors.

Leader of several European projects, ACMG collaborates with scientists from all over the world but especially from Nouvelle-Aquitaine and Occitanie. It favors an intermediary position with the field to select local solutions for adaptation to climate change, easy to implement and sustainable.

If you are looking for a multilingual French partner who deals with Climate, Water and Soil issues for a European project,
we are at your disposal!


Beginnings of applied research at ACMG: the fight against hail

European research projects

  • Clim'Alert (2019/22), Interreg Sudoe project, website:

  • Triple C (2019/22) : ACMG Administrative and Financial Leader, Interreg Atlantic project, website:

  • Risk-AquaSoil (2017/20) : ACMG Administrative and Financial Leader, Interreg Atlantic project, website:

  • Preciel (2014/20) : ACMG Scientific Manager, Europe Aquitaine project

Other projects and Clusters

  • Study on hail and seeding with the Experimental Anti-Hail Association of 82

  • Study on artificial groundwater recharge with Ensegid as part of the Sisenas project

  • Arboriculture and irrigation study within the framework of the CASDAR 2010 project

  • Fog study alongside Agralis Services as part of the FIRST project


Presidency and participation in the Water and Climate Cluster: study for the qualitative and quantitative improvement of water resources.

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