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Les champs irriguant

Irrigation advices

" A local irrigation advisory service "

ACMG provides personalized irrigation advice based on soil moisture measurements in your crops to preserve and optimize the economic yield of the water resource. Controlling the irrigation makes it possible to provide only the necessary amount of water at the right time. This advice is intended for farmers in Lot-et-Garonne and the municipalities bordering Gironde.


At the end of the season, an analysis of the humidity data curve is carried out in order to be able to improve the management of irrigation during the following campaign. Irrigation advice has been offered by ACMG since 1985 and concerns all types of soil and crops: market gardening, arboriculture, field crops, seeds.


You are an irrigator or technician in a Lot-et-Garonne and South-East Gironde cooperative, contact us for technical information and to register.

Irrigation advice

1. Installation of ACMG hardware:
continuous or occasional monitoring of soil water content with Sentek technology.

2. Receipt and interpretation of data

3. Advice posted on for fixed probes or sent by email for occasional measurements.

4. Campaign report: at the end of the season, an analysis of the monitoring curve


Frequency of advice according to your needs!


Sentek Drill & Drop capacitive probe (marketed by Agralis Services)


For this irrigation management service, two methods are available:

  • Monitoring via the installation of a Sentek humidity measurement probe, within the plot for the entire season, with sending of data every 12 min for the most recent and 3 to 6 hours for the old ones.

  • A follow-up via the visit of a technician within the plot every 15 days (or more frequently if necessary) to measure the moisture content of the soil over the entire root profile and provide irrigation advice following these measures. Irrigation advice is provided on a weekly or fortnightly basis depending on the needs of the farmer.

Interface for cumulative consumption curves on in 2020


Manque d'oxygène des racines

Zone de confort

Manque d'eau

Irrigation management, a long history at the ACMG: Since the 1960s, the ACMG has tested most of the available solutions, abandoning them as soon as a better, more efficient and less expensive one presented themselves. Since 2003, ACMG has been using Sentek capacitive probes developed in Australia: precise, reliable and durable over time; they are perfectly suited to monitoring irrigation.

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