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Climate and prospectives

Temperature and rainfall trends - future scenarios

An expert in climatology and agro-climatology, ACMG studies climate change and provides qualitative and quantitative data to the various stakeholders.

Based on its history of climatic data of more than 60 years and on its experience in agro-climatology, ACMG carries out, at the request of communities, companies, managers of natural environments and agricultural cooperatives,
studies climate and forecasts on the future climate in the Nouvelle Aquitaine region. These studies are possible at different scales (department, municipality, city, district) and provide qualitative and quantitative information on climate change.

Studies outside the Midle-Garonne are carried out using local data.


Monitoring of extreme climatic hazards

  • Number of frost days

  • Number of heatwave days

  • Calculation of cold hours


Past developments

  • Climatic normals

  • Temperature and rainfall trends

  • Evolution charts


Model the future

  • Estimation of climate change for an area

  • Modeling of future impacts

" What changes in temperatures? What climate for tomorrow? "

Examples of studies

  • Number of days of frost over a given period, a sector

  • Number of days of heatwave and drought

  • Climatic normals

  • Past climate change

  • Estimation of climate change for a sector by modeling

  • Modeling of the impact of climate change on a sector

The agro-climatological network is made up of automatic stations sending data at 12-minute intervals (river and frost stations), meteorological stations with continuous recordings and volunteer observer stations with daily records.

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