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Agro-meteorological forecast

" Anticipate climatic events "

The ACMG provides localized and precise weather forecasts in order to be able to better anticipate climatic events and plan agricultural work. These meteorological forecasts are supplemented by agronomic advice such as seasonal work, anticipation of climatic risks, cooling needs, weather favorable to hay cutting and the opening of outdoor work sites.

The ACMG offers three agro-meteorological forecast formats according to the needs of farmers or any other outdoor profession:

Image de NOAA
Image de NOAA

Weather report

  • Written and sent twice a week

  • Weather forecast by postal code

  • Seasonal agricultural advice

  • Climatology of days gone by


Daily forecast

  • Recorded daily on answering machine: +33  892 68 47 82 (80 € cts / min + call price)

  • Today's detailed forecast for the Midle Garonne

  • General 6 day forecast

  • Seasonal advice


Frost alert forecast

  • Spring forecast of the risk of frost

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