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Everyone is talking about climate change, but what are the concrete impacts and the means of adapting to it on a daily basis in the profession of farmer, land manager, environmental service, in the countryside as in the city?

organize training, a conference for your employees, ACMG supports you in raising awareness and sharing its knowledge and climate analyzes at the scale of your territory.

The ACMG also works with students (University, agricultural high school) and primary and secondary school pupils in order to explain climate change, its local impacts and sustainable adaptation solutions associating the rural and urban worlds.

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  • Provide avenues and practical solutions to fight against hazards (drought, frost, erosion, flood, ...)

  • Adapting to the effects of climate change

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  •  The climate and its evolution

  • Agrometeorological measurement tools

  • Means of observation

  • Reading landscapes and socio-economic analysis methods

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  • Modes of adaptation to climate change

  • The means to fight against climatic hazards

  • The management of water resources, irrigation methods and water storage.

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