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Climate studies

" What changes in temperatures? What climate for tomorrow? "

An expert in climatology and agro-climatology, ACMG responds to various requests from stakeholders in the territory: evolution of climatic events within an area, future climate forecasts, climatic normals, classification of years according to climatic variables.

These studies are based on data from the network of agro-climatological stations of ACMG and on data from national networks or sectors for other regions.

Examples of studies

  • Number of days of frost over a given period, a sector

  • Number of days of heatwave and drought

  • Climatic normals

  • Past climate change

  • Estimation of climate change for a sector by modeling

  • Modeling of the impact of climate change on a sector

The agro-climatological network is made up of automatic stations sending data at 12-minute intervals and meteorological stations with daily readings. Daily readings are carried out by more than 70 volunteer observers with ACMG equipment. If you wish to become an observer, contact us specifying your place of residence.


You may thus be able to participate in completing or renewing a network of more than 60 years of readings by benefiting from advantages such as sending the weather report, privileged access to our analyzes and skills.

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