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Champs verts

Hedges and biodiversity studies

Since 1959, ACMG has taken care to link the field experience of farmers and scientific expertise to offer full support in the process of adaptation to climatic hazards. Planting hedges is a key element in adapting to climate change at the farm level, in an industrial area, but also in a town or village.


10-year-old hedge planted near Cancon (47)

Adaptation process

​Hedges offer many advantages (maintaining biodiversity, slowing runoff water, windbreaks, cold breezes, fighting against frost) and are now a mean of adaptation to be highlighted.

The ACMG advises you on the establishment of hedges within your plots:

  • Positioning of the hedge,

  • Species to favor or avoid

Taking into account global warming, the type of soil, the availability of water and according to the desired objective: windbreaks, fight against frost, reduction of erosion, biodiversity (melliferous, auxiliary refuge), landscape.

Funding aid in Lot-et-Garonne


The ACMG participates in the ADPR program (the Tree In the Rural Landscape funded by the Departmental Council of 47) to support farmers in the establishment of hedges for the request for a subsidy for planting trees. The ACMG advises you from the assembly of the file to the choice of the adapted species.

Do you have a hedge planting project? Contact our technical team.

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