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Sensors development

" Arrangements for climate change mitigation and adaptation "

As a Regional Technological Transfer Center since 2018, ACMG participates in the development of innovative tools intended for multiple users: local authorities, SMEs, water unions, design offices, etc.

Several strategies are guiding the work:

  • To respond to growing demand from territories for real-time risk monitoring

  • To provide qualitative and quantitative data to the actors (example: monitoring of the ionic content of water, identification of the characteristic elements of quality, presence of fertilizers).

  • To favor reliable solutions at limited cost in order to allow generalized adaptation to climate risk (example: multiplication of water level measurement points within watersheds to manage the flow of watercourses).

Crossing the tools:
The ACMG is committed to increasing the number of data sources in order to cover as many aspects and areas as possible (example: remote sensing for monitoring flooded areas).


Station for measuring the water level and the main meteorological variables, developed in partnership with Agralis Services

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